PSM enables engineers to manage faults, monitor telemetry and create fault logs

30-08-2018 | Analog Devices | Power

The Analog Devices LTC2979 is a 16-channel Power System Manager (PSM) used to sequence, trim (servo), margin, manage faults, supervise, provide telemetry and create fault logs. PMBus commands maintain power supply sequencing, precision point-of-load voltage adjustment and margining. DACs use a proprietary soft-connect algorithm to minimise supply disturbances. Supervisory functions include overvoltage and undervoltage threshold limits for 16 power supply output channels and two power supply input channels, as well as over and under temperature limits.

Programmable fault responses can disable the power supplies with optional retry after a fault is identified. Faults that disable a power supply can automatically trigger black box EEPROM storage of fault status and associated telemetry. An internal 16-bit ADC monitors 16 output voltages, two input voltages and die temperature. Also, odd numbered channels can be configured to measure the voltage across a current sense resistor.

A programmable watchdog timer monitors microprocessor activity for a stalled condition and resets the microprocessor if necessary. A single wire bus synchronises power supplies across multiple ADI PSM devices. Configuration EEPROM with ECC supports autonomous operation without additional software.

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