Two new non-contacting angle encoders expand existing range

04-07-2018 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

Variohm EuroSensor has added two non-contacting models to its wide range of high accuracy angle encoders. Both are from their distribution partner, Contelec AG, and offer separate magnet and sensor components for continuous rotation in a two-part design that needs no mechanical bearing or joint - and with no wearing parts and IP68 protection class, they provide an effectively limitless mechanical working life.

While these angle encoders offer a broad choice of extreme environment application solutions for precision angular measurement, they are differentiated by their respective housing designs. The Vert-X-31E has a flat moulded plastic sensor housing with 38mm fixing centres that are ideal for installations in height constrained areas whereas the 22mm diameter cylindrical aluminium housing of the Vert-X-22E will be ideal for placement in cramped areas where radial space is severely restricted.

The sensors have a standard 360-degree electrical angle with the possibility of factory-set custom angles - normally in 30-degree increments although special angles may be supplied for OEMs. For certain electrical output models, user-programming with Contelec’s easy-to-use ‘Commander’ software provides convenient application adaptation of output characteristics such as angle range, index points and direction of rotation. This flexibility can also benefit end-users by a reducing the number of uniquely specified angle encoders required for a particular machine application. User programmability is also advantageous for minimising customer stock levels and makes field replacement more straightforward.

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