Power supply design simplified with scalable digital controllers

20-07-2018 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics has two new PMBus compliant, fully digital DC-DC controllers that provide single output POL conversions for FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, network processors and general purpose system rails. The ISL68300 with integrated MOSFET drivers and ISL68301 with PWM output simplify creating power supplies for data centre, wired and wireless communications, and factory automation equipment. The ISL68300 can drive discrete external MOSFETs directly, while the ISL68301 pairs with the company’s smart power stages or DrMOS power stages to create a complete voltage regulator solution. The digital controllers provide a high-speed current share bus that parallels up to eight controllers in an 8-phase 240A+ current share configuration. Both controllers implement the company’s digital ChargeMode control modulation, which reacts to load transients in a single switching cycle, and offers an inherently stable control loop without needing external compensation. This modulation architecture significantly lessens output capacitor requirements and minimises Vout undershoot and overshoot. “The scalability of the ISL68300 and ISL68301 single output digital controllers provide industry-leading performance and support a wide range of load currents,” said Mark Downing, vice president, Core Power Solutions Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The new digital controllers complement our award-winning digital dual-output multiphase controllers, giving customers everything they need to power all the rails in their next-generation systems.”

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