New screwless push wire PCB terminal blocks in multiple styles and pitches

20-07-2018 | Hylec-APL | Subs & Systems

Hylec-APL has extended TLM Series of screwless PCB terminal blocks. Requiring no special tools, the series offers fast connection for wire sizes between 0.05mm² and 8.37mm² and are shock-resistant. Devices within the series are available in multiple styles and pitches to provides designers optimum flexibility in design and the chance of saving valuable PCB real estate. Three new 300V 15A devices with 2-24 poles, designated TLM-203B, have now been added to the series which continues to be increased, with new models in development. The three new TLM-230B models are available in 5mm, 7.5mm and 10mm pitches, with rated voltages of 300V, rated current of 15A for wire ranges between 28-12AWG(0.2-2.5mm²). Suitable for through-hole mounting and in pushbutton Wave and tool-operated variants, the company's screwless push wire PCB terminal blocks are available in green, with some styles also available in grey, black and orange.

By Electropages Admin