LED drivers simplify the driving of low-power lighting

30-07-2018 | Diodes Inc | Automotive Technologies

Diodes Incorporated has extended its family of automotive LED drivers with the BCR4xxUQ series that simplifies the driving of low-power lighting. LED technology is replacing conventional bulbs throughout the car: from external lighting such as side markers, puddle lighting and sill plates, to internal lighting including dome, ambient lights, instrument clusters and button backlighting. The series is intended to meet the needs of all these applications, offering a simple, low profile, flexible approach to driving low-power LED strings.

Each of the devices in the BCR4xxUQ series can offer a pre-set current output with no need for any external components or can deliver an adjustable constant current between 10mA and 100mA, or 350mA with ±10% tolerance. All devices in the series are provided in both industry-standard SOT26 and low-profile DFN2020 package options. The thinner 0.6mm DFN2020 is intended for edge-lighting applications in which a less intrusive, lower-height package is needed. All devices comprise negative temperature coefficient, which lowers the LED driver current as the internal temperature rises, thereby preserving and extending the lifetime of the LEDs. Also, the linear topology used means the devices display virtually no EMI.

With a broad operating voltage range of between 1.4V and 40V and total power dissipation of up to 1.7W, the devices can be used to drive greater strings of LEDs while still affording sufficient protection from transients in a 12V automotive supply system.

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