High-precision voltage detectors with operational instability prevention

15-06-2018 | Torex Semiconductor | Power

Torex Semiconductor has launched the XC6135 series and XC6136 series, two voltage detector products which offer ultra-low quiescent current and detect voltages making them among the lowest in the world.

The quiescent current is roughly one-tenth of conventional products (44nA for the XC6135 series, and 88nA for the XC6136 series), enabling them to increase the operating time of devices with small batteries such as IoT devices, wearable devices, and smart meters.

The XC6135 series supports a detect voltage down to 0.5V. This capability to detect 0.5V makes it ideal for monitoring voltages of 0.7V/0.8V, which are the core voltages of 16nm/28nm process SoCs and the power supply voltages of GNSS chips.

The XC6136 series has an operational instability prevention function, enabling it to reach a maximum output voltage lift of 0.38V even at conditions lower than the minimum operating voltage range in all temperature ranges.

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