USB adapter for LIN with master/slave functionality

04-06-2018 | PEAK-System | Subs & Systems

PEAK-System has launched a compact USB adapter called PLIN-USB for connecting a computer to a LIN network. The adapter supports the LIN protocol according to ISO 17987 and complies to all LIN specifications up to version 2.2. The interface can be used in master or slave mode. It has galvanic isolation up to 500V. The adapter is supplied via USB, and its LIN transceiver is powered externally via the nine-pin D-Sub connector. A pre-configured LIN connection cable is also available. The device is provided with Windows drivers, the monitor application PLIN-View Pro, and the PLIN programming interface for the construction of applications with LIN connection. The adapter is designed for service technicians when diagnosing LIN buses and for developers of vehicle networks, for example, to implement air conditioning, seat, mirror, and door control at low cost.

By Electropages Admin