New high-quality flame retardant PCB fuse holders now available

06-06-2018 | Hylec-APL | Subs & Systems

New rectangular semi-enclosed PCB fuse holders are now offered by Hylec-APL. Manufactured from flame-retardant UL94 V0 Polyamide in accordance with IEC 127-6, these fuse holders are high quality and competitively priced product. The holders comply with multiple approval standards, which includes the latest EN Glow Wire Test standards at 850C. The fuse carriers and retainers are finger-proof to evade damage to the fuse during placement on the PCB. Enclosed contacts are an additional feature of the new holders, which also safeguards them from damage during assembly. Designed for PCB mounting on a 22.6mm pin pitch, with a PCB hole size of 1.5mm, the fuse holder (including spigot) and the DFH14HBN fuse carrier are rated to 6.3A/250V. Contact material is tinned nickel plated brass, and contact resistance is <5mOhm. Power dissipation is 2.5W and dielectric strength 3KV/60-degrees. Insulation resistance of the DFH14N fuse holder (including spigot) and the DFH14HBN fuse carrier is 100mOhm.

By Electropages Admin