Efficient management and analysis of measurement data

23-05-2018 | Vector Informatik | Subs & Systems

vMDM is Vector Informatik’s new solution for efficient management of large data volumes from development, bench testing and vehicle testing. Working with a server-based or cloud-based variant, users can complete CPU-intensive analyses of measurement data, create classifications and generate reports. The acquisition of measurement data often needs the involvement of many development teams in a single project in which the data must be merged. The solution simplifies the sharing and exchange of data between these distributed teams.

The product is a new software solution for organizing such measurement data into customer or project-specific collections and assigning user-specific permissions to protect data against unauthorized access. The software also gives developers a handy means of searching, filtering and displaying their measurement data. Indexing of measurement results is done automatically during import by the in-house server or in the cloud. In contrast to other solutions, the software creates the data index based on freely configurable and extendable attributes. The software is scalable as a multi-user system depending on the expected data volume and the required server performance.

Users of the company's tools CANape, vSignalyzer and vMeasure exp perform the interactive data analysis of the measurement data stored on the server on their workstation computer. Thanks to seamless integration of the software with these tools, there is no requirement for users to leave their familiar working environment. They can define scripts, data analytics and data mining functions in the usual manner with these measurement, calibration and analysis tools.

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