Dual sector antennas reduce tower space and provide higher gain

31-05-2018 | KP Performance Antennas | Subs & Systems

KP Performance Antennas offers a new line of high-gain, dual-band sector antennas for use in wireless networks. The company's line of dual sector antennas consists of seven models, each of two or more sector antennas inside a single, rugged radome. The single mounting point of these antennas decreases inches on the tower, halves the tower rental costs and lowers wind resistance. They also offer a rapid upgrade path to add frequency bands with less infrastructure. These antennas are provided with four or eight ports and support 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 MIMO, depending on the model.

“This line of four and eight-port dual sector antennas combines multiple antennas inside a single radome, reducing tower rental and installation costs at no expense in performance,” explains Justin Pollock, PhD, antenna engineer at KP Performance Antennas. “Furthermore, these antennas support MIMO, carrier aggregation and provide exceptional wireless coverage.”

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