First official engineering kit provides a hands-on educational approach

16-05-2018 | Arduino | Development Boards

Arduino has partnered with MathWorks, to reinforce the value of Arduino at the university level in engineering, Internet of Things, and robotics. The Arduino Engineering Kit is the first product released from the partnership and is available on the Arduino online store. The kit consists of three cutting-edge, Arduino-based projects that educate students on how to build modern electronic devices – pushing them intellectually and encouraging them to develop physical engineering skills that will prepare them for the commercial market following their graduation.

“Our goal is to have a significant impact on the next generation of engineers. To do that, we have been working hard to develop educational products that can inspire students around the world with a strong emphasis on a project-based educational approach,” said Fabio Violante, Arduino CEO. “We’re excited to be working with MathWorks to facilitate this process in universities around the world, aligning education with industry.”

Due to the global success of the Arduino CTC 101 program, the kit allows college students and educators to include core engineering concepts into their projects, thanks to industry-standard tools for algorithm development, system modelling, and simulation.

“We designed the Arduino Engineering Kit the way we would have liked to have learned mechatronics, control algorithms, state machines, and complex sensing when we were in our first years of engineering school: in a fun and challenging way,” said David Cuartielles, Arduino co-founder and Arduino Education CTO. “It’s all about hands-on activities built on top of well-grounded theoretical concepts. But more importantly, after finishing the basic materials, there’s plenty of flexibility to experiment, for the students to deviate and test their engineering creativity.”

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