New generation of modular, compact active harmonic filters

18-04-2018 | Schaffner EMV AG | Subs & Systems

Schaffner's new product offering for harmonics mitigation solutions, the ecosine active sync utilises superior technology to reliably lessen excessive harmonics with an evolutionary modular product concept.

With the new filters FN3530/31/40/41, FN3532/42 and FN3545 the company now provides an effective harmonic mitigation solution, specifically for mixed load and dynamic load profiles. By deploying these filters it is possible to achieve a THID =5%. They also guarantee compliance with the robust requirements of IEEE-519 and other rigorous international power quality standards.

The filters exhibit excellent performance over an extensive temperature range (power module 0C-50C full performance, up to 55C with derating). With the installation of the new filters, reactive power compensation, harmonic current mitigation, as well as load balancing can be efficiently obtained and international power quality standards complied with. Moreover, the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, and its utilisation is more efficient and reliable.

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