Latest SSD technology solutions unveiled

09-03-2018 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

Apacer showcased its industrial technologies and products at Embedded World, including top-range 3D NAND SSD, industrial DRAM, and TCG Opal 2.0 solutions. The new products and technologies aim to create the most comprehensive and reliable storage for industries. With the advent of Industry 4.0, the company offer an all-new 3D NAND flash storage solutions to fulfil the macro demand in cloud computing, automated industrial applications, and big data analysis. Among the constant advancement in the storage technologies of SSDs, selecting products that can store an immense amount of data securely has become the target of many companies. The company provides a mixture of products with the TCG Opal 2.0 technology. The technologies of the company's defence-grade ruggedised SSDs include thermal throttling, for monitoring the temperature of the SSD; Underfill, for strengthening the soldering points of BGA packages, enhancing anti-vibration properties, and reduces damage from thermal stress; and also offering conformal coating/ IP57 nano-coating to provide anti-pollution and waterproof functions. The company has developed and patented a unique industrial-grade anti-sulfuration DRAM module that combines anti-sulfuration technology and wide temperature support, assuring stable operations in highly sulfuric or stringent/extreme climate conditions. Modules are developed for use in automobile electronics, medical devices, national defence equipment, industrial control systems, network and communication devices, and mining control systems located in highly contaminated environments, providing multi-layered protection solutions.

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