Wireless MCU and combo solutions deliver connectivity coverage for smart lighting and appliances

13-02-2018 | Cypress | Semiconductors

Cypress Semiconductor has announced its single-chip solutions for the IoT claiming they are the world’s first to deliver Bluetooth mesh connectivity certified by the Bluetooth SIG to a consumer product. LEDVANCE recently announced the market’s first Bluetooth mesh qualified LED lighting products, which leverage Cypress’ Bluetooth mesh technology. Three Cypress wireless combo chips and the latest version of its WICED SDK support state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity with mesh networking capability. The company’s solutions enable a low-cost, low-power mesh network of devices that can communicate with each other – and with smartphones, tablets and voice-controlled home assistants – via simple, secure and ubiquitous Bluetooth connectivity. Previously, users needed to be near a Bluetooth device to control it without an added hub. With Bluetooth mesh networking technology, the devices inside the network can communicate with each other to easily offer coverage throughout even the biggest homes, allowing users to conveniently control all of the devices via apps on their smartphones and tablets. “People have become dependent on their mobile devices as integral components of their lifestyles, and they expect to extend this rich user experience in the home through the ability to directly control their connected devices using smartphones,” said Brian Bedrosian, vice president of marketing for the IoT Business Unit at Cypress. “Cypress’ Bluetooth mesh solutions enable this user experience while meeting the rigorous reliability, security and robustness required for a seamless connected media and automation environment. Our wireless solutions also deliver industry-leading coexistence and radio performance, which is essential for uninterrupted connectivity in increasingly crowded home networks. We are excited to see the adoption of Bluetooth mesh in the smart home starting with the debut of the market’s first certified consumer lighting products enabled by our technology.”

By Craig Dyball