MCU lineup to enhance functionality for touch-based home appliances and automation applications

31-01-2018 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics has announced 38 new MCUs in its RX130 Group. The new MCUs extend flash memory size to 256KB, 384KB and 512KB, and increase package size up to 100-pins to provide higher performance and compatibility with the RX231/RX230 Group of touch MCUs. The ultra-low power, low-cost group, adds higher responsiveness and functionality for touch-based home appliances, building and industrial automation applications requiring 3V or 5V system control and low power consumption. The MCUs offer a new capacitive touch IP with enhanced sensitivity and robustness. With an extensive device evaluation environment, the new MCUs are an excellent fit for devices designed with challenging, non-traditional touch materials, or needed to operate in dirty or wet environments, such as a bath, kitchen or factory floor. “As technology advancements make touch-based HMI more commonplace in home, building, and industrial devices, manufacturers are working toward new ways to bring innovative and differentiated products to highly competitive markets,” said Tim Burgess, senior director, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “With the RX130 MCUs, Renesas offers a powerful, responsive and safety-compliant touch solution that allows designers to explore new materials and operating environments for their devices while providing design scalability with full compatibility for future growth.”


By Electropages Admin