Eliminate the need for pin inserting and stitching equipment in automotive manufacturing

22-01-2018 | Molex | Subs & Systems

Molex has introduced their Custom Combo Blade and Pin Setters. These devices eliminate the requirement for pin insertion and stitching equipment, producing a more flexible and robust pin interface. “Because Custom Combo Blade and Pin Headers are soldered to the board instead of press-fit, it creates a stronger connection,” said Randy Tan, global product manager, Molex. “Not only will Molex customers be able to insert their customized pins, but the manufacturing process will be streamlined and more efficient.” In automotive applications from the audio and GPS systems to the engine train, the devices will offer the choice of a unique solution for each application. By enabling more pins and blades on each header, there is a reduction in the number of components on each PCB, creating further efficiency. Because the devices have through-hole pins and are SMT capable, there is greater reliability in the interface. The single and dual-wafer system can be customised for specific board stacking applications, which also can include industrial automation uses.

By Electropages Admin