XMOS – New stereo-AEC linear far-field voice kit for smart devices

06-12-2017 | Xmos | Subs & Systems

XMOS Ltd offers the XVF3500 voice processor which supports stereo-AEC, along with, what is claimed to be, the world’s first stereo AEC far-field linear microphone array solution – the VocalFusion Stereo Evaluation Kit.

The voice processor delivers two-channel full duplex AEC. The solution is intended for developers working in the growing voice-enabled smart TV, set-top box, soundbar, and digital media adapter markets, all of which need stereo-AEC support for “across the room” voice-interface solutions.

Commenting on the announcement, Mark Lippett, president and CEO at XMOS said, “This device and evaluation kit will fuel further growth in the integration of embedded voice controlled devices at the edges of our rooms, particularly those used for high-quality music and TV control.”

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