New evaluation kit offers innovative far-field voice capture solutions

04-12-2017 | Xmos | Design & Manufacture

XMOS now offers its xCORE VocalFusion Speaker Linear evaluation kit as part of its series of innovative far-field voice capture solutions. Based on the XMOS VocalFusion XVF3100 voice processor, the kit is created for developers, OEMs and ODMs combining voice user interfaces into flat, or linear consumer electronics typically found at the “edge of the room”, such as smart home control panels and washing machines.

“XMOS has the most comprehensive portfolio of far-field voice capture solutions,” said Mark Lippett, President and CEO at XMOS. “This launch builds on the success of our VocalFusion 4-Mic for Amazon AVS launched in October, and ensures that developers can easily integrate high-performance voice interfaces into their products, with an architecture that enables innovative and very flexible deployments, and have a best-in-class kit to work with.”

As with all other far-field evaluation kits, voice commands are exactly captured from across the room for processing by a cloud-based speech recognition system or local application processor, even in complex acoustic surroundings. The XVF3100 voice processor delivers complex voice DSP including a full duplex acoustic echo canceller (AEC) with barge-in capability that permits users to interrupt or pause a device that’s playing music, and an adaptive beamformer that follows a speaker. Additional sophisticated dereverberation, automatic gain control, and noise suppression provide crystal clear voice interaction experiences even in noisy environments.

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