Low-profile FPC connector delivers high-speed transmission for consumer electronic devices

01-12-2017 | Hirose | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Hirose has developed a lightweight, miniature FPC connector for portable electronic devices that require high-speed transmission. The FH53M Series FPC connector preserves valuable PCB real estate via a back flip-style actuator that reduces the required mounting area. The compact connector has a 0.25mm pitch, mounted depth of 3.2mm and height of only 0.65mm. With a weight of 0.01g, the connector is designed for wide range of portable electronics including medical, consumer, point-of-sale and wearable devices. The FPC connector offers excellent impedance characteristics and delivers high-density transmission needed to support Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) ver1.3 and MIPI D-PHY ver1.1 standards. "The expanded miniature flexible printed circuit connector product offering makes it easier for portable device designers to develop smaller and lighter products," said Bill Kysiak, product marketing manager for Hirose Electric USA. "Compared to other back flip flexible printed circuit connectors on the market, the miniature, lightweight FH53M Series reduces the PCB mounting area by 46% and reduces weight by 60%. The reduction in size and weight, combined with high-reliability and high-data rates, make the FPC connector family an ideal choice for a broad range of portable devices."


By Electropages Admin