High-efficiency, low-emissions, reinforced digital isolator features integrated power

02-11-2017 | Texas Instruments | Power

The Texas Instruments ISOW784x is a family of high-performance, quad-channel reinforced digital isolators with an integrated high-efficiency power converter. The integrated DC-DC converter provides up to 650mW of isolated power at high efficiency and can be configured for various input and output voltage configurations. Therefore, these devices eliminate the need for a separate isolated power supply in space-constrained isolated designs. This family of devices provide high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions while isolating CMOS or LVCMOS digital I/Os. The signal-isolation channel has a logic input and output buffer separated by a silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier, whereas, power isolation uses on-chip transformers separated by thin film polymer as insulating material. Various configurations of forward and reverse channels are available. If the input signal is lost, the default output is high for the devices and low for the devices with the F suffix. These devices help prevent noise currents on a data bus or other circuits from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry. Through innovative chip design and layout techniques, electromagnetic compatibility of the family of devices has been significantly enhanced to ease system-level ESD, EFT, surge and emissions compliance. The high-efficiency of the power converter allows operation at a higher ambient temperature.

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