Coilcraft – New current sense transformers are ideal for automotive applications

03-11-2017 | Coilcraft Europe | Power

Coilcraft's new CST2020 Series current sense transformers sense current up to 40A over a frequency range of 400Hz to 1MHz and offer 4000Vrms isolation voltage between the sense and output windings. They provide reinforced insulation per UL 60950-1. The series current sense transformers provide output feedback for load current measurement and control in switching power supplies and overload/short-circuit protection. They are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (-40C to +125C) standards, making them ideal for automotive applications like current measurement in traction motor and battery management systems. They are also well suited for use in 48V vehicle systems. Other applications include aerospace power management systems, three-phase solar inverters, industrial motor controls and other applications requiring high isolation between the sense and output windings. The series is available with four turns ratios ranging from 1:70 to 1:300, and offers very low sense resistance (0.00084Ohms).

By Electropages Admin