Maritime VDES module SDR claims to be world’s smallest complete solution

10-11-2017 | CML Micro | Subs & Systems

CML Microcircuits has expanded its Maritime Communications product line with a new VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) module implemented using a bespoke Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution – VDES1000. The module incorporates state-of-the-art technology that digitises the complete maritime band (156.025MHz-162.025MHz) with the majority of the processing being implemented in the digital domain. Seven simultaneous receive channels are realised along with a transmitter that is capable of 12.5W RMS (50W peak). The module is a complete VDES solution embedding AIS class A, ASM and VDE. The module can be easily upgraded with software updates to accommodate future changes in the maritime VDES standard. The company has worked with technology partner Stone Three Venture Technology based in South Africa, to develop this ground-breaking VDES solution. Both companies are deeply involved in IALA working groups and are committed to the development and support of the maritime VDES standard.

By Electropages Admin