DC-DC converters offer a power solution for cost sensitive applications in multiple markets

17-10-2017 | XP | Power

XP Power has introduced the JTD15 and JTD20 series of board-mounted DC-DC converters, which target cost sensitive applications where a compact unit with a wide input range is required. The range is aimed at offering a power solution in multiple markets, such as instrumentation, broadcast, networking, telecommunications and datacommunications. Offering 15W and 20W, the modules employ the latest design technologies to provide high efficiency in an industry-standard format, an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range, and an extended operating temperature range of –40C to +100C. The converters come in small-size metal-cased packages with dimensions of only 40.64mm x 25.4mm x 10.4mm. These modules provide designers with more board real estate to add other features, or to reduce the size of the overall end product. Offering efficiency from 82% to 90% – with an average efficiency of 85% – the modules also run cooler and dissipate less heat in end systems, making them capable of operating in most environments with no need for airflow or heatsinks. Additionally, the modules deliver full output power up to +70C with no derating.

By Craig Dyball