PC-based simulator contributes to a reduction in development time and improvement in software quality

26-10-2017 | Renesas | Automotive Technologies

Renesas Electronics has announced a joint development of the VLAB/IMP-TASimulator virtual platform (VP) for Renesas’ R-Car V3M, an automotive SoC for ADAS and in-vehicle infotainment systems. The VP simulates image recognition and cognitive IPs in the SoC and realises embedded software development using a PC only, which enables the VP to shorten development time as well as improve software quality.

“Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, unified, and easy-to-use software development environment to all automotive system developers using R-Car SoCs,” said Jean-Francois Chouteau, vice president, Global ADAS Center, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The VLAB technology from ASTC is an important building block to speed up the development of ADAS software on the Renesas autonomy Platform.”

“We have a longstanding relationship with Renesas and are pleased to collaborate on their Renesas autonomy Platform to further accelerate software development for ADAS and automated driving,” said Hiroshi Yoshizawa, Australian Semiconductor Technology Company K.K. vice president. “We have worked with Renesas on applying VLAB technology to model the R-Car V3M architecture, function, and timing, enabling R-Car V3M customers to bring new ADAS applications to market quickly with high quality and strong reliability.”

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