New industrial PCs have exceptional scalability and offer 15 year future-proof lifecycle

14-09-2017 | Amplicon | Subs & Systems

Amplicon has introduced a new powerful addition to its range of Industrial PC’s; Impact-R 1110F and Impact-E 150AL.

Both PCs are Apollo Lake based and powered by the outstanding Intel ATOM E3950 processor offering exceptional scalability and unparalleled availability, boasting a lifecycle of over 15 years.

Built with the Intel ATOM Apollo Lake processor, the Impact-R 1110F and Impact-E 150AL boast high processing speeds and capabilities, whilst maintaining an economical power draw of just 14W-16W.

The Intel ATOM E3950 processor also makes system scalability and customisation an elementary task, helping to ensure future-proofing against upcoming software and hardware demands.

The Impact-R 1110F and Impact-E 150AL share the same lightweight and rugged design, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. The new systems offer a standard operating temperature of 0C to 60C with the option of an extreme range of -40C to 85C, these two units ensure engineers can benefit from a powerful and flexible system in any possible environment.

In addition to these impressive features, expansion I/O can be customised to suit any application, including additional LAN, USB 3.0, or DIO.

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