Wireless sensor hub delivers measurement and sensing data with GPS tracking in real time

20-09-2017 | Aerco | Test & Measurement

The Blue Cube wireless sensor hub from Barnbrook enables real time data to be delivered remotely to mobile devices and PCs and is now available from Aerco. The hub is an award-winning wireless sensor system originally developed to monitor the condition of onboard systems in trains, tracking them in real time to make sure they are running efficiently, avoiding delays and cancellations due to system failures. Winner of two major rail industry awards, the innovative wireless sensor hub system with Blue Cube Cloud can now be applied across multiple sectors, including defence and aerospace. This ability to monitor critical systems remotely ensures they remain safe and reliable at all times.

The sensor hub is easy to install either as a standalone or wired in system, with up to eight channels per device, to send data in real time as an SMS or e mail alert via PC, smartphone (iPhone and Android) or tablet. The wireless sensor hub offers six measurement options: voltage, current, temperature/pressure, shock and vibration, GPS for position and tracking, and switch operation. Supplied in a metal enclosure, it is EMC tested and approved, so will not impact on nearby devices. Its quick-fit design is inexpensive to install, plus the system is modular and fully expandable.

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