Innovative dual-PCB miniature SSD features patented plug-and-play cableless power

26-07-2017 | Apacer | Semiconductors

Apacer Technology SDM7-M DP (SATA Disk Module 7Pin MLC DP) is a miniature SSD. It successfully combines rigid and flex boards, and is compact, thin and light, simplifying the system structure for design flexibility. Supporting SATA3 (6Gb/s), it can reach up to 525MB/s and 350MB/s in read/write speed, claiming to make it the fastest miniature module in the industry. With capacity up to 256GB and four-channel speed, the device’s small size, high capacity and high read/write speed make it the perfect solution for a variety of applications, including embedded system, gaming system, blade server and 1U enterprise rack server system. While traditional seven-pin miniature SSD requires external power supply, the company’s patented plug-and-play Multi-PowerPath supplies power through two power connectors (7+2) on the side or the 7th pin, allowing the SSD to operate without external power supply, giving it the dual advantages of signal integrity and flexible configuration on the motherboard. Meeting the high standard requirement of industrial-grade storage devices, the device is equipped with many core technologies. It has thermal throttling technology to monitor temperature, which can trigger step-by-step decrease in performance when overheating occurs, ensuring product stability and smooth system operation. Furthermore, built into the SSD firmware is their proprietary CoreAnalyzer analysis software. It continuously gathers data on system access, categorizes and statistically interprets read and write actions, and then presents and analyzes through the software. The software allows customers to understand the operation of the application system, thus adjusting it to achieve optimized SSD performance and lifespan. Featuring high capacity and high read/write speed, the device’s stringent manufacturing quality and excellent firmware support provide customers with reliable and complete service, making it the ideal industrial solution.

By Electropages Admin