Development kit improves voice recognition in adverse audio environments for emerging H2M applications

02-06-2017 | MicroSemi | Development Boards

Microsemi Corporation has announced its AcuEdge Development Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). The kit delivers enhanced audio processing to improve voice recognition rates in adverse audio environments for emerging H2M applications in the IoT, IIoT and automated assistance markets. The kit is designed to enable third party developers and ODMs to evaluate and incorporate Alexa functionality in H2M applications, while interfacing with the Microsemi Timberwolf ZL38063 multi-mic audio processor.

The company’s Timberwolf is a field programmable, field upgradable digital signal processor equipped with specific hardware accelerators to run three simultaneous AECs. Its kit comes complete with a development board that connects directly to a Raspberry Pi and plastic frames to help position microphones and speakers in targeted applications. It also enables users to speed development of their products by utilizing the quick start guide and user interface.

“The Microsemi AcuEdge Development Kit for Amazon AVS offers a scalable platform enabling developers to quickly and cost effectively achieve their design criteria requiring two mics,” said Shahin Sadeghi, marketing director at Microsemi. “Our AcuEdge development kit utilizes Microsemi’s state-of-the-art Timberwolf solution and has been tested for compatibility with Amazon AVS. The kit is for use by ODMs and third party developers to bring innovative H2M applications to market.”

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