Transformers approved for infotainment systems in airports and metro stations

22-05-2017 | Wurth | Power

Wurth Electronics Midcom announces new data isolation transformers for use in SHDSL applications. These MID-DSLITL transformers are built on a self-shielding EP package, offer excellent longitudinal balance and very good THD performance. They are designed to meet UL & IEC standards and a dielectric of 1500VAC. “SHDSL is the best technology available in the Telecom market when it comes to transmitting small to medium data rates on long copper lines. One of the key components for data transmission applications is the data isolation transformer.” explained Swaroop Vaidyanath, product marketing engineer for Telecom Products. The application of these transformers include infotainment systems in airports and metro stations, video surveillance where PoE is beyond reach, vending machines, banking terminals, traffic controls, industrial communication systems, business use, and reach extenders and repeaters.

By Craig Dyball