New power inductor selection tool provides more performance data

29-03-2017 | Coilcraft Europe | Power

Coilcraft has launched a new suite of power inductor selection tools that allows users to easily select the appropriate path for their particular search while also providing more application-specific performance data than previously available on any industry site. Entering the new tool, users are offered four paths depending on whether they need inductors for a known converter topology, a specific IC they want to use, an existing set of inductor specifications, or they simply want to compare inductors they have already chosen. Regardless of which path they take, the tool provides a complete list of off-the-shelf inductors that meet the defined specifications. The sortable results page includes standard datasheet performance specifications (e.g., inductance, Isat, Irms, temperature rating, and dimensions), as well as a variety of application-specific data such as DCR @ temperature, total losses and part temperature. Users can now conduct deeper analysis by creating on-demand charts for up to six parts under actual operating conditions. These graphs include CCM and DCM waveforms, L vs. Ipeak Current, Temp Rise vs. Irms Current, Losses + Temperature Rise, Total Losses vs. Vin, and Total Losses vs. Frequency. Loss comparisons include Core + AC Winding loss and DCR loss. The tool also allows users to explore losses further with Losses vs. Ripple and Losses vs. Frequency graphs, which also highlight when parts exceed their maximum temperature rating. The user experience of the new tool has been enhanced with the ability to move and delete columns, adjust the ambient temperature for dynamic results and filter parts by core material, part mounting, shielding and AEC qualification.

By Electropages Admin