Air flow probe with Modbus interface ideal for HVAC applications

18-01-2017 | E+E Elektronik | Subs & Systems

The EE671 compact air flow probe from E+E Elektronik measures air velocity up to 20m/s and is ideal for HVAC applications. The new version with Modbus RTU interface facilitates the EE761 integration into modern building automation systems.

The probe is dedicated for reliable air flow measurement in heating and ventilation systems. It features the new E+E VTQ thin-film flow sensing element. Due to innovative transfer moulding, the sensing element is very robust and highly insensitive to contamination, which allows accurate and long-term stable measurements even under harsh conditions.

The probe is available with fixed cable or M12 connector. The alignment strip and the matching mounting flange allow for easy installation and precise positioning of the EE671 in the ventilation duct. The sensing head design is optimized for low angle dependency.

In addition to the Modbus version, the device is also available with voltage output 0-1V, 0-5V or 0-10V. An optional configuration kit makes it easy to scale the output, set the parameters and perform the adjustment on the device.

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