SAR ADC maintains AC performance for space-constrained applications

16-12-2016 | Linear | Semiconductors

Linear Technology’s LTC2320-16 is a 16-bit 1.5Msps per channel, no latency SAR ADC with eight simultaneously sampling channels supporting a rail-to-rail input common mode range. The device features a flexible analog front end that accepts fully differential, unipolar or bipolar analog input signals, as well as arbitrary input signals, and maintains an 82dB SNR and high CMRR of 102dB, when sampling input signals up to the Nyquist frequency. This wide input bandwidth of the device allows the digitization of input signals up to the Nyquist frequency of 750kHz. The device integrates a precision bandgap reference with low drift and guaranteed 20ppm/C maximum temperature coefficient into a small 55mm² QFN-52 package, saving space in high density designs. Alternatively, the internal reference can be overdriven by up to four separate external references for each pair of two channels, to best suit the input range of the application. It samples three times faster and offers the lowest power dissipation of any octal SAR ADC on the market. The device leads a family of 16, 14 and 12-bit SAR ADCs with single, dual, quad and octal options sampling at up to 5Msps/ch. The entire family accepts 8.192VP-P to 10VP-P true differential inputs digitizing over a wide input common mode range and requires no configuration for input signal type, ensuring flexibility in the input signal chain. The complete SAR ADC family offers flexible 3.3V or 5V supply options and CMOS or LVDS high speed SPI-compatible serial interface options, ideal for a wide range of high speed and space-constrained applications, including industrial, medical devices, communications systems and battery-operated systems.

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