Surface mount MELF resistors provides cooler temperatures than flat chip resistors

17-11-2016 | Stackpole | Passives

Stackpole's MLF / MLFM is a series of metal film, surface mount MELF resistors. The MELF technology provides cooler operating temperatures than flat chip resistors at full rated power. For example, the MLFM1 will typically run more than 70C cooler than the equivalent 1W 2512 size flat chip resistor and has a smaller footprint. The cool operating performance is possible due to the cylindrical shape and solderable end caps of the MLF / MLFM. These parts do an excellent job of transferring the heat from the resistor into the PCB and into the ambient air. This efficient dissipation results in more stable operation under a wide range of electrical conditions which enhances the long term performance of the part.

The nichrome resistance film makes the MLF / MLFM ideal for applications that require accuracy and precision along with cooler operation such as metering, test and measurement, instrumentation, and aerospace.

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