New automotive MCUs target touch interface and motor control applications

25-11-2016 | Silicon Laboratories Inc | Semiconductors

Two families of automotive-grade EFM8 MCUs designed to handle a wide range of in-cabin touch interface and body electronics motor control applications have been introduced by Silicon Labs. The new AEC-Q100-qualified, ultra-low-power EFM8SB1 Sleepy Bee family provides advanced on-chip capacitive touch technology enabling easy replacement of physical buttons with touch control. The EFM8BB1/BB2 Busy Bee family features high-performance analog and digital peripherals, making these devices a versatile choice for controlling motorized rear view mirrors, headlights and seats.

All the MCUs deliver best-in-class 8-bit performance through a combination of advanced features and capabilities including a high-speed pipelined 8051 core, ultra-low power, precision analog and enhanced communication peripherals, on-chip oscillators, small-footprint packages, and a patented crossbar architecture that enables flexible digital and analog peripheral multiplexing to simplify PCB design and I/O pin routing.

Supporting an extended temperature range of -40C to +125C, the devices are suitable for applications that must meet tough automotive qualifications and operate over a wide temperature range while delivering high performance at all temperatures. The devices offer optimal price/performance for cost-sensitive designs, while the BB2 products deliver enhanced analog and digital peripheral performance. The MCUs are a good choice for analog-intensive automotive body control applications such as seat adjustment, fan control, window lifters and fuel tank sensors.

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