Compact easy-to-use high-performance digital humidity sensor

08-06-2016 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion has unveiled its second-generation wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCP) humidity sensor, the SHTW2. The device is housed in a flip-chip package – an established technology that represents one of the simplest and smallest possible ways of packaging a semiconductor chip and results in a tiny footprint of 1.3mm x 0.7mm x 0.5mm. The SHTW2 also pioneers a new category of ultra-small humidity sensors suitable for applications with the tightest space constraints, says the company. The SHTW2 is based on Sensirion’s CMOSens technology, which offers a complete sensor system on a single chip with a digital I2C interface. The sensor is fully calibrated and covers a humidity measurement range of 0 to 100% RH and a temperature measurement range of -30 to 100C, with a typical accuracy of ± 3% RH and ±0.4C. The operation voltage of 1.8V and the low power consumption make the SHTW2 perfect for integration in consumer electronics that run on the tightest power budgets, such as mobile phones, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With the industry-proven quality and reliability of Sensirion’s humidity and temperature sensors, and constant accuracy over a large measurement range, the SHTW2 offers an unprecedented price-performance ratio. Tape and reel packaging and suitability for standard SMD assembly processes ensure the SHTW2 is suitable for high-volume applications.

By Craig Dyball