New convection-cooled modular power supplies can deliver 600W

17-06-2016 | Excelsys | Power

The new CoolX600 Series of convection-cooled modular power supplies has been unveiled by Excelsys Technologies delivering a notable 600W without fan assisted cooling from a compact 8.5 x 4.5 x 1U package.

The only fanless modular power supply of its kind on the market, the CoolX600 offers system designers best-in-class efficiency and reliability in addition to the most comprehensive feature set and specifications available, says the company.

Key features and options include 600W output with natural convection cooling, no fan / airflow required. This results in higher system reliability, with typically 25% longer lifetime than traditional types. In addition, the CoolX600 offers conversion efficiencies of up to 94%. The CoolX600 provides higher input surge protection of 4KV Line to PE for operation in harsh environments, reverse energy protection without the use of external blocking diodes as well as safety certified operation at altitudes of up to 5000m. Also, a 24W, medically isolated, auxiliary supply is available as a standard feature, offering effectively another output for system intelligence, control, displays etc. With optional digital communications available the high-specification modular CoolX600 offers a wide degree of application flexibility.

Commenting, Dermot Flynn, sales director, Excelsys Technologies, said: "As the originator of the compact, user configurable power supply Excelsys has once more moved ahead of the competition with the new 600W CoolX600. This revolutionary design raises the bar by designing out forced air cooling and, at a stroke, increasing reliability while eliminating noise. These market leading features make CoolX600 the ideal solution for medical, industrial and defence electronics markets".

Typical applications include clinical diagnostic equipment, medical lasers, dialysis equipment, radiological imaging, surgical robotics and clinical chemistry. Industrial applications included test and measurement, industrial machines, automation equipment, printing, telecommunications and audio equipment. With a feature set designed for high-reliability harsh environment electronics, other application includes naval and ground based radar, communications, test and measurement, says the company.