Failsafe wirewound resistors offer good pulse handling characteristics

21-04-2016 | Stackpole | Passives

A new axial leaded 4W wirewound resistor, designed for applications requiring good surge handling and fusibility to prevent significant heat generation or fire, the SP3A has been introduced by Stackpole. The SP3A can survive hundreds of 3KV surges of less than 50 microseconds without failing or significantly shifting resistance. Additionally, the SP3A will fuse quickly and without flame or significant heat when subjected to continuous overloads of 120VAC or more. Stackpole's proprietary design allows for fast fusing without sacrificing short term pulse handling. The SP3A is designed to fulfil all of the requirements of many UL tests for resistors. Applications include motor controls and protection, audio equipment, instrumentation protection, and lighting, says the company.

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