Capacitors which give 3,000 hours of operation for automotive and transmission modules

26-04-2016 | Digikey | Passives

Available from Digi-Key, United Chemi-Con’s new GVD series radial lead type aluminium electrolytic capacitors are recommended for smoothing and holdup for automotive EPS, LED, DFI, and ECU modules where extreme vibration and high temperature performance is mandatory. The GVD series is vibration capable to 40g due to its unique internal and external construction.

This family also offers high temperature performance, (3,000 hours at 135C) and (100 hours a 150C). The GVD exhibits extremely high ripple current capability and super low ESR.

The GVD series has excellent low temperature characteristics making them very useful for outdoor applications where performance must be realized even at -40C.

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