New high-current inductors for high-frequency applications

21-04-2016 | Coilcraft Europe | Passives

Coilcraft's new SLR Family of high-current, shielded power inductors is offered with current ratings up to 100A and inductance values from 85 to 370nH, making it suitable for high-frequency applications such as multi-phase VRM/VRD/EVRD regulators, Intel IMVP compatible systems, and GPUs / video graphic cards. The inductors also feature a tight DCR tolerance (±5.4% to ±10%) for lossless, inductor DCR-based current sensing. The SLR Family comprises five product series: the SLR1050, SLR1065, SLR1070, SLR1075 and SLR1190. The compact SLR1050 Series offers an inductance range of 85 to 220nH and current ratings up to 86 Amps in a 10.2mm x 7mm x 4.95mm package. It is offered in three DCR versions for optimal efficiency and accuracy. The SLR1190 offers the highest current ratings in the family - up to 100A - and an inductance range of 150 to 370nH. It measures 11.2mm x 10.3mm x 9mm. The inductors feature RoHS compliant, matte tin over nickel over copper terminations and offer a maximum reflow temperature of 260C.


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