New driver ICs support widest range of TRIAC dimmers

03-03-2016 | Power Integrations | Power

Power Integrations has introduced the LYTSwitch-3 family of LED driver ICs.
Ideal for bulbs, tubes and downlights up to 20W, LYTSwitch-3 ICs offer
excellent dimming performance with both leading-edge and trailing-edge TRIAC
dimmers, and support both isolated and non-isolated topologies.

LYTSwitch-3 ICs feature programmable dimming profiles, enabling designers to
optimize drivers for dimming range and efficiency. Deep dimming response is
also programmable – to extend dimming range or engage the load-shutdown mode
to eliminate the possibility of shimmer. When no dimmer is connected or the
dimmer is set at full conduction angle, the IC’s dimmer management circuitry
is turned off, improving efficiency. Uniquely, the new driver continuously
manages power factor, even in dimming mode, which minimizes apparent power
draw (VA) as the bulb dims, preventing power quality excursions in large

LYTSwitch-3 ICs also include a thermal-fold-back feature that automatically
dims the light output to compensate for inadequate fixture cooling or high
ambient temperatures, preventing damage and increasing lamp lifetime.

Commenting, Hubertus Notohamiprodjo, product marketing director, Power
Integrations, said: “These new driver ICs can be used to provide buck,
boost, buck-boost, tapped-buck, tapped-buck-boost and isolated flyback
topologies. They are compatible with the widest range of dimmers and provide
a choice of MOSFET breakdown voltages for optimized designs. This means that
multiple single-sided, ultra-small designs can be based around one IC,
reducing design cycle time and part inventory.”

Featuring a power factor of greater than 0.9 and THD of less than 10%,
LYTSwitch-3 driver ICs meet all international efficiency standards including
EN61000-3-2, CEC Title 20, CEC Title 24 and ENERGY STAR. The ICs also
provide 3% constant-current (CC) accuracy over load, line and from device to
device. Like all Power Integrations products, the highly integrated devices
include comprehensive protection features while requiring fewer external
components than competing discrete designs, enhancing reliability while
reducing BOM costs and PCB footprint, says the company.

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