Latest 220mF supercapacitors offer lowest profile currently available

08-02-2016 | Digikey | Passives

Murata has expanded its DMT supercapacitor series lineup with the addition
of the 220mF model with the lowest profile currently available.

Now stocked by Digi-Key, the DMT Series Supercapacitors (EDLCs) are
energy-storage devices with longer lifetime than batteries and higher
capacitance than what is typically found in conventional capacitor
technology, such as ceramic capacitors or electrolytic capacitors.

The supercapacitors feature the lowest levels of ESR throughout the
industry. There are two series of supercapacitors. The DMT series, featuring
wide operating temperature range and high reliability, can be used for
various applications. The DMF series, featuring ultra-low ESR, less than
100mohm, is suitable for high-power applications.

In recent years there has been growing demand for lower profile components
for SSD or card-type devices. With this in mind, Murata has added the 220mF
model with the lowest profile in the DMT series lineup, making the end
product thinner or improving the end-product performance by stabilizing the
power line, says the company.

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