Common-mode choke finder allows engineers to search a range of frequencies

10-02-2016 | Coilcraft Europe | Passives

Coilcraft has launched an all-new Common Mode Choke Finder web tool that allows users to search and compare hundreds of common-mode filter options quickly and conveniently. Search results are presented in a clear table sorted by the highest impedance or attenuation, depending on the user’s input. The tool includes the ability to search across a range of frequencies, showing the minimum common mode impedance / attenuation across that entire range. Another column shows the differential mode attenuation. The Common Mode Choke Finder also lets users analyse up to six different filters on single impedance and attenuation graphs, making direct comparisons between products much easier. Search results also include pricing for each part, and as with all Coilcraft design tools, users can order free evaluation samples of the parts they’ve selected with just a few clicks, says the company.


By Electropages Admin