Exceptionally low-profile antenna solution for 3G, LTE and MIMO applications

24-02-2016 | Antenova Ltd | Design Applications

Antenova has introduced Similis, a new SMD antenna which offers an exceptionally low-profile solution for 3G, LTE and MIMO applications. The Similis antenna measures just 40mm x 10mm x 1.6mm, making it literally half the height of the popular Lucida which Antenova introduced last year. The Similis antenna is designed for low-profile M2M and IoT applications where space is tight and its size will be a real advantage - in particular, it offers a lower profile than leading wireless cellular modules which are usually more than 2mm in height. Similis is designed to be integrated within a device, so the considerations of its placement on the PCB and the antenna's performance within the device have all been addressed at the design stage, making this new antenna easy to integrate into a design. The antenna is suitable for Femto/base stations, portable devices, remote monitoring, smart meters, network devices and wearable electronics.

By Electropages Admin