New colour OLED Arduino shields available in three sizes

27-01-2016 | Newhaven | Subs & Systems

System designers are being offered the opportunity to eliminate long colour
OLED development time with Newhaven Display International's new Color OLED
Arduino Shields.

Available in three sizes, the shields come ready to mate with some of
Arduino's most commonly used development boards. In addition to the Color
OLED Shields, standard off-the-shelf colour OLED modules are available
making it easy to develop with more than one size. The shields are designed
with all levels of engineers in mind looking to upgrade their current
project with a more advanced, low-power display technology.

The shields are available in three sizes: 1.27-, 1.5- and 1.69-inch
diagonal. Each one comes with a serial interface colour OLED display module
that has a single row pin-out designed for easy breadboarding, can support
video, and has all the great display features of Newhaven Display's Full
Color OLEDs. In addition to the three Color OLED Shields, the individual
serial interface Color OLEDs are sold as separate modules ready to be used
for product development. These modules can also be customized to meet
various project requirements.

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