World’s smallest module for Bluetooth Smart devices

22-01-2016 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Mouser is now stocking the SESUB-PAN-D14580 Bluetooth v4.1 module from TDK. The ultra-compact, Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy (LE) micro module is the world’s smallest module for Bluetooth Smart devices, says the company.

The 3.5mm × 3.5mm × 1mm SESUB-PAN-D14580 module is based on TDK’s proprietary Semiconductor Embedded in Substrate (SESUB) technology, reducing the size by 60 percent compared to modules using discrete components. The single-mode module’s ultra-compact footprint and low current consumption make it ideal for battery-powered wearable devices where small size, light weight, and low power consumption are essential.

The module integrates a Dialog Semiconductor DA14580 Bluetooth 4.1 chip, 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller, and DC-DC converter onto a thin substrate, along with all peripheral circuitry including a 16MHz crystal, inductor, and capacitor. All inputs and outputs (I/O) from the substrate layers are routed to a ball grid array (BGA) footprint on the module’s bottom surface. Interfaces include UART, SPI, and I2C, helping to speed the hardware design process and allowing fast and easy implementation of Bluetooth connectivity. The low-power module requires a voltage supply of 3V, and consumes only 5mA when transmit-ting, 5.4mA when receiving, and 0.8µA in standby mode. Output power is rated at 0dBm (typ.), with a communication range of 10 metres, depending on line of sight and antenna characteristics.

The SESUB-PAN-D14580 Bluetooth v4.1 module targets healthcare and fitness devices, wearable devices, home and entertainment devices, and computer peripheral devices

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