Two-phase interleaved PFC converter with power metering

25-11-2015 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments (TI) now offers a digitally-controlled two-phase
interleaved 700W power factor correction converter design with added power
metering functionality. A C2000 Piccolo microcontroller controls the two
180 degree phase shifted boost power stages that comprise the power factor
correction converter, and additionally, it monitors the line and neutral
voltage waveforms to implement power metering functions.

The design is able to achieve 97% efficiency and 1.5% THD at full load with
power factor greater than 0.98. By minimizing power loss in the power stage,
reducing reliability impacts of harmonic distortion, and providing near
unity power factor, the design is ideal for off-line applications and AC/DC
power supplies, says the company.

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