Smart IoT gateway for industrial and IoT / M2M applications such as remote monitoring

15-10-2015 | U-Blox | Subs & Systems

The launch of a smart IoT gateway, developed in collaboration with U-blox, has been unveiled by Liverock Technologies Inc., a Japanese company specializing in Internet of Things solutions for the industrial market. Coral Edge is ideal for industrial and IoT/M2M applications such as remote monitoring of parking lots and solar power generators, says the company. "We needed to offer a reliable and stable IoT/M2M solution to our customers. Rugged industrial or automotive environments and harsh outdoor conditions require products that can endure various hazards and recover quickly, without the need for human intervention. U-blox, with its unique combination of wireless LTE connectivity with a 3G fallback and GNSS positioning technology, was the right choice. The quality, performance and robustness of its products were the most convincing factors", said Akihiro Saito, CEO, Liverock Technologies. Coral Edge is the first mobile gateway equipped with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply function to keep the IP camera running at all times. A SSR (Self Sustaining Recovery) feature enables the gateway to recover by itself in the event of a power failure or temperature change. Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 is another key element of Coral Edge. Minoru Okuda, business development manager, U-blox, Japan, added: "It was very exciting to collaborate with Liverock Technologies, as we at u-blox are committed to support the industrial and automotive market by developing smart IoT/M2M solutions. U-blox professional grade LTE/3G Cat. 4 modules TOBY-L200 embedded in Coral Edge follow the u-blox “nested design” philosophy to maintain form factor and software continuity. This allows customers to easily upgrade their products with each new generation of u-blox wireless modules without having to change the PCB designs. It enables easy migration contributing to maximized investment, simplified logistics and drastically reduced time-to-market.". The U-blox modules TOBY-L200 come in a compact LGA package of 24.8mm x 35.6mm x 2.6mm. They are specifically designed for industrial and M2M/IoT applications and to support operating temperatures ranging from -40C to +85C.


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