Proven electric double-layer capacitors can replace batteries

21-10-2015 | Farnell element14 | Passives

Panasonic's acclaimed Electric Double Layer (Gold Cap) Capacitors range has
been expanded with three new products. Available now from Farnell
element14, the compact and lightweight EEC-EP, ER, and RG Series capacitors
offer high volumetric efficiency and can be considered as a possible
alternative to secondary batteries.

Unlike batteries, the capacitors do not rely on a chemical reaction to
produce electric current: they are storage cells that function on the
absorption / release reaction of ions. There is no limit to the number of
charge and discharge cycles that they can sustain and they do not need a
charging circuit. Repeated rapid charge and discharge cycles are acceptable,
says the company.

Typical applications include automotive safety, infotainment, comfort
accessories, PCs, industrial and infrastructure, smart meters, home
appliances, medical equipment, lighting and more.

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