Analog front end with ADC driver is designed to interface directly with current-mode sensors

10-08-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Designed to interface directly with current-mode sensors, Mouser now stocks the Analog Devices ADA4350 analog front end (AFE) with ADC driver. The device interfaces with sensors such as photodetectors and high output impedance voltage sensors, in voltage input applications that require the designer to select between very precise gain levels to maximize the dynamic range or whose output has a current proportional to the sensed parameter. The ADA4350 integrates a FET input amplifier, a gain switching network, and an ADC driver into a single IC. Designers can control all functions via a serial peripheral interface (SPI) or parallel control logic. ADA4350's switching network allows the designer to select up to six different externally configurable feedback networks. Using external components for the feedback network, the designer can more easily match the system to the required photodetector or sensor capacitance. The design of the switches minimizes error sources so that they add virtually no error in the signal path. Designers can use the output driver in either single-ended or a differential mode. With its very low-noise performance at low frequencies of 90nV/vHz at 10Hz and broadband noise of 5nV/vHz at 100kHz, the ADA4350 is an excellent choice for a wide range of photodetectors, sensors and precision data acquisition systems, says the company.

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