New 120W planar transformers for active clamp forward converters

26-08-2015 | Coilcraft Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Coilcraft has unveiled its new PoE120PL Series of high-efficiency planar transformers which are optimized for active clamp forward converters, including use in Power over Ethernet PSE and pre-standard PD devices. The PoE120PL Series is suitable for 60-120 Watt applications such as thin clients, monitors, industrial Ethernet, IPTV, building management, nurse call systems, point-of-sale terminals and information kiosks. They are ideal for 90W PoE++ Powered Devices (PDs).

PoE120PL Series transformers are optimized for 200kHz, with a 36-72V input. They offer high DCR performance for high efficiency and low leakage inductance. They also provide 1500 Vrms primary-to-secondary isolation and 0.009 inch (0.229 mm) clearance above the seating plane and include a 12V auxiliary winding.

PoE120PL Series transformers have a 20.83mm x 23.37mm footprint, with a maximum height of 10.34mm, requiring far less board space and overall volume than a standard EFD20 wire wound package. They are RoHS compliant and feature matte tin over nickel over brass terminations. They have an ambient temperature range of -40C to +125C, says the company.


By Electropages Admin